Chappy Wrap

Years ago, our family owned a cozy, reversible, extra-large, cotton-blend blanket woven with a lamb design. It was so well-loved that it became vital to our home and everyday life, eventually becoming something of a family heirloom. But years later, when we wanted to buy a similar blanket, we couldn’t find a single one that came close to our family blanket’s warmth, size and durability. Everything out there lacked the quality of the original—so we decided to create our own. Welcome to blankets, perfected.


At ChappyWrap, we have one simple mission: provide comfort to everyone, everywhere with the best blankets in the world. Calming, warm, and a breeze to care for, your ChappyWrap is sure to become an essential part of your everyday life! With a ChappyWrap, no matter where you are—you’re home.

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