By Joe Riccio

Siam Square Thai Food Restaurant
Some of the best Thai food I’ve had in Maine is found here, and I think I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to their red curry with duck. Seriously, I’ve been back four times in a month and ordered the same thing, and each time it’s been spot-on. I can’t stop thinking about it, I just…need it.
1 Cumberland St. | Westbrook | 207.854.4020

Guidi’s Diner
From the old clock radio to the groups of elderly regulars at the bar, this place has everything a classic diner should, including excellent food. Buttery eggs Benedict with exceptional home fries should have been enough, but I felt a pancake was in order as well. Sometimes I think  I should change the name of the column from “Eat Maine” to “Gaining Weight in Maine.”
916 Main St. | Westbrook | 207.854.2949

Blue Burrito Cafe
Looking back, it may have been a bad idea to attempt to finish the mountain of tortilla chips and guacamole placed in front of me before I received my burrito, but it was so good I couldn’t stop. It was the kind of situation where you mumble “OK, last bite” to yourself for another thirteen bites. I did manage to finish my burrito, which was very good especially with their housemade tomatillo and habanero sauce.
650 Main St. | Westbrook | 207.854.0040

Don’s Lunch
My only regret about my experience at this legendary Westbrook food truck was that I had several other places to eat that day, so I couldn’t order four more burgers like I wanted to. Seriously: The Big One, their double cheeseburger, was so melt-in-your-mouth delicious that it’s easy to see why they’ve been open year-round since 1976.
517 Main St. | Westbrook

Medeo European Food + Deli
Specializing in eastern European foods, they’ve got a wide selection of cheese, chocolates, caviar, smoked meats and fish, and just about everything one could imagine pertaining to this eclectic regional cuisine that I have yet to learn much about. A great addition to Maine’s ever-growing number of specialty markets.
529 Main St. | Westbrook | 207.854.4020

Full Belly Deli 
Be prepared to sit quietly and still for several minutes if you manage to finish one of their absolutely enormous sandwiches, the best of which are the Reuben and the pastrami. Several kosher deli favorites—including blintzes, latkes, knishes, matzo balls, and even egg creams—have been menu staples for decades. Though not technically in Westbrook, it’s close enough for me.
1070 Brighton Ave. | Portland | 207.772.1227

Kon Asian Bistro 
The fried rock shrimp appetizer with spicy mayonnaise sauce is one of the best things I’ve eaten, so don’t plan on sharing it with anyone else—get your own. Chinese American selections are the way to go here, although I’ve never tried the Hibachi tables. Cocktails such as the Man-Tai, a Mai Tai with double the booze, make a taxi a good idea, especially if you’re only traveling the short distance to the strip club up the road.
1140 Brighton Ave. | Portland | 207.874.0000

Fajita Grill 
Next time I decide to have one of their very large and potent margaritas, I’ll be sure to not have any plans afterward, outside of drinking more margaritas, of course. I almost always get the carnitas plate here—pork slowly simmered in its own fat and served with pickled jalapenos and tortillas.
857 Main St. | Westbrook | 207.591.8150

Mill Side Tavern
Little-known facts about me: I like to chase my whiskey with Budweiser, listen to Motley Crue, and shoot pool. This is a perfect dive bar for someone who wants to do all of these things at once, at any time of the day. Then, when I’ve had my fill, I can walk across the street and eat more of the previously mentioned duck curry from Siam Square, followed by the previously mentioned taxi to the strip club.
12 Cumberland St. | Westbrook | 207.856.7123

The Frog & Turtle
They’ve been packing the crowds in at this boisterous neighborhood eatery for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why—any time I can sit at a bar with a large bottle of Belgian beer and a plate of poutine I’m pretty happy. It’s also the only spot in town where you’ll find an interesting wine list.
3 Bridge St. | Westbrook | 207.591.4185

The French Press Eatery
The Frog & Turtle’s sister restaurant, which focuses more on breakfast and lunch, is a great place to enjoy several freshly made doughnuts with coffee, or have several drinks and play pinball. It’s your choice—what kind of day is it going to be?
855 Main St. | Westbrook | 207.887.1040

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