The sunset view from the front porch of one of the lodge's dreamy, lakeside cottages.

Migis Lodge

The luxurious, lakeside retreat is like a vintage postcard of a Maine camp come to life. Its allure brings visitors back year after year.

The Road to Migis Lodge in South Cascoo begins with a simple turn off Route 302. The minute your car wheels crunch on gravel, vacation begins. Small wooden signs posted on trees guide you to your destination. You park your car, breathe in the crisp air, and follow a path lined with neatly stacked firewood to the lodge. Then you see it— Sebago Lake—sparkling in the sun. It’s hard not to feel giddy, like a kid arriving at summer camp.

The main lodge, built in 1916, is a throwback to simpler times. Inside, the wonderful smell of wood smoke from last night’s fire permeates the air. Visitors find a dark green leather sofa, chairs huddled around a chess table, and shelves lined with photo albums of guests from years past.

The place is so dreamy you may want to pinch yourself. Even if you’ve come with your brood—and many people do—Migis will deliver up a relaxing family vacation. The well-appointed cottages are designed to be a home away from home: fieldstone fireplaces, private bathrooms, porches facing the water, and handmade quilts atop the beds. General Manager Jed Porta describes the style as “rustic elegance.” Think sleep-away camp meets the Sundance Catalog.

Once you’re settled in, there is no shortage of things to do. Swim in the lake. Lounge on a chaise. Relax in a tiny, cabin- style sauna. Learn to water ski or play shuffleboard. And just when you think vacation couldn’t get any better, it does. There are dozens of babysitters at Migis who are ready and willing to treat your kids to a full day’s worth of adventure. If you’re craving cocktails and adult conversation, the staff at the lodge also provides a special dinner for the younger set. Your children can eat and play outdoors while you dine. Heavenly, no?

Of course, families can enjoy time tous ensemble. There are cookouts at lunchtime, featuring classics like grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, German potato salad, and lemonade sweetened with honey. If you have room, and if the kids don’t devour them first, try a homemade brownie—a chocolate lover’s dream.

Visitors can also hop aboard the Tykona—a vintage wooden Chris-Craft—and head out for an old-fashioned island picnic. According to Porta, some adventurous guests have been known to swim out to the lodge’s private island in groups. Either way, nothing’s better than dining outdoors with friends and family.

Back at the cottage, you’ll discover your fireplace is set up for you. All you need to do is strike a match, find a good read, and pinch yourself one more time for good measure.


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