What We’re Reading-January + February

BOOKS-January + February 2012
By Sophie Nelson
Illustration by Eric Hou

Newly published from Maine: Recent favorites by local authors




August Gale

Barbara Walsh

First inspired to report on the lives of her fishermen ancestors in Newfoundland, a number of whom died in a late-summer hurricane in 1935, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Barbara Walsh uncovers another story begging to be told: of her grandfather’s abandonment of his son and the coming together of a fractured family. Through the exploration of her family’s salty past, Walsh’s father finds reconciliation.


Bert and I…The Book

Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan

Stories from the classic downeast jokesters Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan have been making Mainers laugh since the 1950s. Bert and I…The Book collects 60 of the down-and-dirty duo’s classic stories, which are drawn from five albums recorded over two decades. Here’s your chance to learn more about the old way of life in Maine—and get in a good laugh while you’re at it.


Tales from Misery Ridge

Paul J. Fournier

Tales from Misery Ridge offers a crop of stories from the Maine woods. Fournier recounts his adventures as a Maine guide, bush pilot, officer for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and television producer. Fournier’s many jobs and adventures kept him tied to the land he knows and loves so well. If you’re interested in wildlife or a life lived in the wild, this is the book for you.


In the Words of E.B. White

Martha White

Packed with quotations on almost every conceivable topic, this engaging and readable compilation offers insight into the life and mind of an American literary icon. Thanks to Martha White, the author’s granddaughter and the editor of this book, E.B. White’s unique brand of wisdom and wit lives on.


Dahlov Ipcar’s Wild Animal Alphabet

Dahlov Ipcar

This book is not your standard animal alphabet book—it’s a genuine work of art that ignites the imagination. Composed of rich colors, eclectic patterns, and a variety of mediums and textures, Dahlov Ipcar’s Wild Animal Alphabet brings animals to life, often in comical scenarios. Unexpected phrases and beautiful imagery will keep readers of every age turning the pages.


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