May 2018

Mount Desert Island in 48HRS

Friday Afternoon It’s an easy drive down east from Portland and we cross the bridge onto Mount Desert Island by early afternoon. The day is sunny and cold and the ocean sparkles as we head toward Bar Harbor. The island is … Continue reading

Best Restaurants for Quiet Dining

76 Pleasant Street | Norway Housed in a historic mansion, this quaint restaurant offers a small menu of globally influenced comfort foods, comfortable seating, and four fireplaces. Academe | Kennebunk Located in the Kennebunk Inn, this brasserie- style restaurant is … Continue reading

Zen in the Kitchen

The executive director of Wayfinder Schools, Paul Andrews spends his weekdays in the active and lively company of teenagers, educators, and others involved in the alternative high school’s programs. At home, he cooks to relax, shedding any pressures of his … Continue reading

Home, At Last

Phil and Brenda Johnson have moved house 20 times in their 46 years of marriage. At this point in their lives, they’re pros at packing boxes and shuffling items around. They know how to settle into a new space and dust … Continue reading

A Place of Their Own

Sharon Cleaves loved her house in Windham. “I built it myself. I am talking hammer and nails,” she says, miming the activity. But 13 years ago, after a fall, she realized that living alone no longer felt safe. Her children … Continue reading

Stopping Scams

Mary still feels physically sick when she thinks about that panicked phone call she got three months ago. “Grandma, it’s Matthew,” said the tear-filled voice. “I’m in jail.” Her grandson said he’d been texting while driving, looked down for a split second, and … Continue reading