Myrhia + Blake, Islesboro

July 26, 2014 | Family home in Islesboro Photographs by Leah Fisher Arsenault Photography


Myrhia and Blake planned a trip to Rome, Florence, and Barcelona over Thanksgiving in 2012. After the first night of sightseeing in Rome, Blake proposed on a balcony overlooking the city. “He claims that through my shocked screams and tears I never said ‘yes,’ but I think that now we are married and my answer is clear,” says Myrhia. With their location at Myrhia’s family home on Islesboro, they decided to meld a woodsy feel with a nautical vibe. “I wanted the guests to be able to see the full beauty of Islesboro—both on and off the ocean,” says Myrhia. They decorated tables with deer antlers collected from the island and small bud vases. And, of course, seafood appetizers—lobster rolls, oysters, scallops, and crab cakes— were passed around.



“The moment the doors opened to the church my father (my best man) and I saw a blast of sunlight fall behind the doors as Myrhia entered the church in her dress. It was the most beautiful thing I will ever see,” says Blake.



FLOWERS: Myrhia’s aunt arranged all of the flowers for the ceremony, table decorations, and bouquets. She used flowers from the property that she had planted the year before and timed to bloom on the wedding day. During the events, a horse-drawn carriage was wheeled out of the barn and filled with flowers.

FILM: The barn was cleared for cake and decorated with lights and photos. In the barn, Myrhia and her family had found an 8mm film of Myrhia’s great- grandparents’ wedding day. On Myrhia’s wedding day, they projected the film onto the barn wall.

BOUTONNIERES: The boutonnieres incorporated ocean and woods, the parts of Islesboro that the couple loves most: mussel shells from the beach and pine from the woods.

CAKE: Trillium made a vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting and raspberry and Nutella. On top of the cake were pinecones gathered by Blake’s eldest sister from Blake’s family home in Michigan.

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