Johann + Yasmin, Lincolnville

September 13, 2014 | Union Hall in Rockport and Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville Photographs by Emily Griffith Photography


Johann and Yasmin met in a yoga class in Portland. As is common in Portland, they continued to bump into each other around town. Not long after they began dating, they took a leap of faith and decided to move to New Zealand together to live in Balclutha, a small farming town on the south island. This is where they say they fell in love. Years later, when they were living back in Portland, Johann went in search of a ring before they set off for a weeklong vacation in St. John. Unfortunately, since it was a Sunday, every jewelry store in Portland was closed. “I ended up buying a cute little button ring at Abacus to use as a placeholder,” he says. He proposed on the island and the pair married in September on the midcoast. Johann and Yasmin blended Indian and American wedding traditions into their special celebration and involved family in each aspect.



“Hanging out in Union Hall on Friday and decorating the hall with friends and family was definitely one of the most special times of the wedding weekend for us.”



BARAAT: In the morning Johann and his family participated in a traditional procession of the groom’s family to meet Yasmin’s family at Union Hall in Rockport. The groom travels by horse while the family surrounds him walking and dancing on foot.

MILNI AND ANAND KARAJ AT UNION HALL: At Union Hall both families greeted each other and exchanged flower garlands, then went inside for the Sikh marriage ceremony. Inside, family and friends had decorated and rolled out carpeting over the hardwood floors, and decorated the altar that Johann’s father built.

CEREMONY AND RECEPTION AT CELLARDOOR WINERY: In late afternoon, Johann and Yasmin had their second ceremony and reception, this time in a suit and a white wedding dress, and were married under a pair of apple trees at the vineyard.

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