Bryan + Lauren, Wells

October 5, 2014 | Wells Reserve at Laudholm in Wells Photographs by Anne Schmidt Photography


Bryan and Lauren became fast friends while working at a restaurant. “We always cared about supporting the best in each other and being really honest with each other,” says Lauren. When it came time for planning a wedding, their restaurant experience and connections within their community came in handy. Hugo’s and Eventide prepared the food, flowers were grown in Arundel and arranged by a friend, and the bride’s dress was designed and made locally at Angelrox in Biddeford. They held their celebration at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.



“We wanted something that was crafted by us and reflected the beauty and character of where we live and the talented people we know,” says Lauren.



DRESS: “I knew I wanted something nontraditional and not white,” says Lauren. Angelrox in Biddeford designed her comfortable, elegant gold and black dress. “I’ll definitely be wearing my wedding dress again.”

CEREMONY: Guests surrounded Lauren and Bryan in a circle broken into four sections, representing the cardinal directions. A close friend from each of the sections offered words of wisdom during the ceremony. “We wrote our own vows and didn’t share them until we spoke them during the ceremony—the result was lots of tears and laughter,” says Lauren.

DESSERT: Hugo’s baked four different kinds of pies—apple, pear, lemon meringue, and chocolate pecan.

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