This image was shot with a Nikon D5100 and an 18mm–55mm lens in auto mode. Photo by Andrew McCourt

Capture: Cape Porpoise

Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state


Maine is so photogenic and the landscape so varied. I was born and raised here, and graduated from University of Maine, so I feel strongly connected to the state and its beaches, old barns, antique shops, and lighthouses. Beauty, character, history, and therefore potential photography subjects are all around.

When I travel, photography allows me to tune in to my surroundings and really live in the moment. I am always searching the landscape, looking for potential subjects. I approach each photograph in a way that flatters the subject in an evocative?or atmospheric way. I especially enjoy shooting old cars and trucks in rural settings, and in Maine you often find older models settled into the weeds, bushes, and natural surroundings. I saw this 1945 Dodge set back from the road in Cape Porpoise and I had to pull over.

Andrew McCourt is a financial and investment management recruiter.

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