This photo was taken with a Canon 6D, with a Canon 24–105 lens, at ISO 400.

Capture: Round Pond

Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state.


During nor’easters, my father would take me to the beach to photograph the drama of the Maine coast. My father shared his passion for photography with me and taught me everything I know. Now, I love sharing what I see through my lens with others. I have given more photographs to family and friends than I have sold, so they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes the beauty and unpredictability of nature I have experienced.

On weekend evenings I tell my wife, Kelley, “I’m going out for sunrise photographs in the morning.” She asks, “Where are you going, Pemaquid again?” Yes. I usually end up on the coast around Pemaquid, New Harbor, or Round Pond.
I took this photograph at Round Pond early in the morning when it was peaceful and quiet. The colorful morning sky, the gentle or rough surf, and the fact that my dad loved and grew up in this area always pulls me.

Mark Allen lives in Newcastle with his
wife, who shares a passion for the outdoors and photography. He has worked at Fisher Engineering for 23 years. Before that he was a machinist in the U.S. Navy and a machine operator at Bath Iron Works.

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