Abigail & Noel

August 13, 2016 | Private Home in Pittsfield

After spying each other at the movies one night in Puerto Rico in 2008, Abigail and Noel officially met—and became a couple— the following evening when fate brought them together again, this time while they were each out dancing with friends. “I know it sounds cheesy, but we really did fall in love in a few days,” says Abigail. Seven years later, the couple got engaged while watching the sunset in Sardinia. There was no big proposal moment— rather, it was a thoughtful conversation between the two of them. “We decided to have a giant party with our friends and family to celebrate this huge love,” she says. “It felt important to have a ceremony where we said vows of love and commitment out loud for everyone to hear.” Held at Abigail’s family home in Pittsfield, the overcast day created “a romantic vibe that carried us into a night of dancing,” she says. Because it was a backyard country wedding, the couple wanted their guests to feel welcome and comfortable while also being surrounded by beauty. With pops of bold color, handmade personal touches such as custom-printed matchboxes, and all of their favorite foods—lobster rolls, fried chicken, and biscuits—the wedding suited them to a T. “It felt like us,” says Abigail. “Fun and colorful and not at all stuffy.”


COLOR PALETTE: “We love color,” says Abigail of their fuchsia, pink, orange, and gold combination. Abigail’s mother worked all summer to plant flowers, including dahlias “the size of dinner plates,” in the gardens that served as a bold, natural backdrop to the ceremony.

DECOR: The couple had a “Cheech and Chong meet Beyoncé” theme. Decor included table runners sewn from African fabrics and pink, orange, and gold lanterns.

GLOW GETTERS: Abigail designed and printed the sparkler holders and matchbooks that were at each guest’s place setting.

DINNER: The couple served fried chicken, lobster rolls, biscuits, tomato salad, and corn. “Late summer produce in Maine is hard to top, and our caterer, the Last Unicorn, made sure that our guests were full and satisfied,” says Abigail.