Adam D. Lee | Chairman of the Board at Lee Auto Malls

If you’ve spent any time in Maine, you’ve heard of Lee Auto Malls, now in its fourth generation of family ownership. Adam Lee, chairman of the board at Lee Auto Malls, was born and raised in Maine. Similar to many children growing up here, Lee spent a lot of time camping, and playing in the woods, and formed a close bond with the surrounding natural environment. “I appreciate what Maine has to offer and the fact that, for most of our history, our water has been clean, and our forests have been maintained in a healthy manner. But we cannot take these things for granted,” he says. “It takes so little time to ruin a river or clear-cut a forest, and it takes so long to repair it. We need to protect our greatest asset.” Lee is an advocate for the environment and regularly supports environmental organizations that help to protect our world, including the Natural Resources Council of Maine. While he admits to feeling a bit guilty about selling cars that contribute to pollution, Lee and his team actively promote the sale of hybrid and electric cars over gas-guzzlers. In addition to supporting environmental awareness, Lee helped to start the Russell Libby Agricultural Scholar Awards for the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, which provides scholarships every year—to one high schooler, one educator, and one journey-person (someone who is dedicated to the agricultural community and economy)—to enable them to learn more about organic and sustainable farming.

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