An Open Letter to Our Community

Cultivating and maintaining a positive, inclusive, and respectful company culture is imperative to the success of any organization, and Maine Media Collective, the Brand Company, and Art Collector Maine are no exception. I firmly believe that it is the people within our company, their commitment to our mission and vision, and an environment of respect, openness, accountability, and kindness that define a successful corporate culture.

As CEO, it is my responsibility to ensure the well-being of our employees and partners in pursuing our collective goals and achieving results. We’ve evolved through many phases as a company: from an eager startup struggling to survive to a period of rapid growth to our current state of thoughtful expansion.

When I became CEO in November 2017, I focused my attention on our values and vision. This has included a realignment of our culture, policies, and practices and a strengthening of our brand. I am steadfastly committed to creating a culture that is safe, respectful, and welcoming and that provides an equal opportunity workplace free from discrimination or harassment in any form. I am proud to say that during this period, we have implemented new policies that cover the full spectrum of what can empower our employees to do their best work in a supportive environment.

As a woman, business owner, and leader, I am conscious of ongoing inequalities and biases and the impact of discrimination in our society. Indeed, we hear daily that large and small businesses across America and around the globe are searching for effective solutions to these workplace issues. Moving forward, I will engage in dialogue with other business and community leaders on these important issues. This is a time for all business leaders to intensify our efforts on creating the best environment possible for our employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. You have my promise that I will do so collaboratively and purposefully.

I’m proud to have the opportunity to lead a team of 28 smart, creative, and hardworking women and men every day. We offer all our employees fair and equitable compensation, generous benefits, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Equally important, we provide them with a workplace where their ideas are heard, they are empowered to make decisions and be proactive, and they can bring issues and concerns directly to me.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we will stay true to our mission: to portray Maine positively, bring inspiring content to our readers, and help local companies grow and contribute to our great state. Under my leadership, we will continue to support our Maine Media Collective, Brand Company, and Art Collector Maine partners to achieve success.

I hope you will reach out to me directly to join in this important discussion. Thank you very much for your participation, partnership, and ongoing support.

Andrea King
Chief Executive Officer

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