Aroostook Through the Lens

Photographer Matt Cosby documents Maine’s largest county, from Presque Isle to Fort Kent.

Early last year photographer Matt Cosby drove up to Aroostook County with a small duffel bag of clothes, his camera, and no agenda, beyond finding interesting places and people to photograph. “I grew up in the southernmost part of Maine, in York Beach, so it felt necessary to investigate and research the place in Maine that is the polar opposite of where I am from,” Cosby says. During his week in the County, Cosby met Nathan Theriault, who runs OMM Outfitters on Eagle Lake and has been guiding for 16 years. The morning Cosby visited, Theriault cooked him moose sausage and assured an apprehensive Cosby that it was “better than pork.” (“He was right,” Cosby says. “It was super tasty.”) Cosby wanted to find a taxidermist, and everywhere he went people told him, “Find Steve—he’s the best in the area.” That would be Steve Jandreau, who owns Wildlife Artistry on Portage Lake. “Everyone was quick to say hello and most everyone asked how they could help me in my mission,” Cosby says. “I can’t wait to get back. I feel like I only scratched the surface of all the gems up north.”

Steve Jandreau stands with some of his finished products in his taxidermy shop on Portage Lake.
Part of a three-dimensional scale model of the solar system, Saturn is located in Westfield.
Ben’s Trading Post, a state moose registration station, in Presque Isle.

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