Bloody Marys

The highlight of any brunch is a Bloody Mary. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy, tangy, savory, or sweet, these restaurants are putting their own twist on the traditional brunch cocktail.

Woodford Food + Beverage | Portland

Woodford’s spicy Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar (made with clam juice instead of vegetable juice) starts with horseradish-infused vodka. It is topped with celery and house-made pickles and finished with a paprika and celery-salt rim.

Dysart’s Flatbed Pub | Bangor

The winner of last year’s Bangor’s Best Bloody Mary competition, this drink is made with house-infused bacon vodka and garnished with thick-cut bacon, olives, celery, lemon, lime, and a bacon-salt rim. Every Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon the pub opens a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, where guests choose from over 20 garnishes including bacon, shrimp, hard-boiled eggs, and blue cheese–stuffed olives.

Hot Suppa | Portland

Hot Suppa’s signature Cajun Bloody Mary is made with an extra-spicy house mix and garnished with pickled okra and dilly beans. For those who prefer less heat, there is a reduced-spice option.

Buck’s Naked BBQ | Freeport + Windham

The Bloody Buck at Buck’s Naked BBQ is more than your typical brunch cocktail. Garnished with olives, vegetables, and a slow-smoked baby-back rib, this specialty beverage is both a drink and a meal.

Royal River Grill House | Yarmouth

At the Royal River Grill House a generous pour of vodka is added to a secret Bloody Mary mix and served in a glass made out of a Grey Goose bottle. The Royal Mary is garnished with lemon-poached shrimp, celery, lemon, lime, and olives.

The Highroller Lobster Company | Portland

The Highroller Lobster Company puts a Maine twist on a brunch classic. Their traditional Bloody Mary is made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka and garnished with lemon, lime, and a choice of lobster tail, bacon, or a shucked oyster.

Hurricane Restaurant | Kennebunkport

There are three types of Bloody Marys at Hurricane: the traditional made with vegetable juice, the Caesar mixed with clam juice, and one with Absolut Peppar vodka. Each is garnished with celery, lime, and a seasoned rim, with the option to add shrimp or a lobster tail.

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