Every day we comb through our Instagram feed to find images from followers documenting our state. On Instagram we share a capture of the day, and each month in Maine magazine we highlight one of those photos.

I took this image of Brown’s Boatyard on North Haven on a rainy February evening as I came back late from my job at Vinalhaven School on the neighboring island.

The boatyard is a staple of North Haven, and I am often there purchasing hardware, boat supplies, and just shooting the breeze with the workers. Along with being the oldest business on the island, it is the only place to get gas, order heating oil for delivery, and catch up on local gossip. It has inspired me artistically before, too. I frequently photograph the boatyard’s endless array of interesting people and cluttered workbenches. About three years ago, I won first place in a portrait competition when I submitted an image of Foy Brown, one of the boatyard’s owners.

As I crossed the thoroughfare between the two islands, I noticed the light coming from the boatyard, which helped me guide my boat back to the dock. Though I was soaked, I decided to grab my medium format Mamiya camera and capture a few images on film of this 130-year-old classic business.