Every day we comb through our Instagram feed to find images from followers documenting our state. On Instagram we share a capture of the day, and each month in Maine magazine we highlight one of those photos.

I moved to Kennebunk from New York City just a year ago. My girlfriend, Jackie, and I had visited many times, and we fell in love with the town, including its friendly people and photogenic natural beauty. Ever since our first visit to the area, we’ve loved driving from Dock Square along and around Ocean Avenue to Cape Porpoise, snapping photos along the way. Because of Maine’s unpredictable, moody weather and ever-changing tides, the ocean, architecture, and piers always look different from one day to the next.

Last winter during one of our drives, I shot this photo from the end of the Cape Porpoise pier. It must have been a Sunday, because all the lobster boats were docked. In the fog, a strong wind caused all but one boat to spin around in the water. I waited for this moment, when the center boat was facing toward me and the others were angled off to the side, as if the water had cleared a path for that boat. I love how the fog sits low on the water and Goat Island Light isn’t visible through the haze. Although I took the picture on a cold and windy day, the image is peaceful.