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Last May I spent a week camping and fishing in the downeast lakes region. It was my first trip to that part of the state, and I was excited to explore the crystal-clear glacial lakes, fish in some new water, and camp under the stars in Maine’s remote wilderness.

Once during the trip, I struggled to find a tent site and started getting nervous that I would run out of daylight before finding one. I eventually discovered Stone Dam, a campsite maintained by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust. At this secluded lakefront site, I set up my tent on a bed of cozy pine needles and explored the shoreline. The relaxing sounds of lapping water at my feet and the warmth of the setting sun inspired this photo. I slowed down my shutter speed just enough to feel some movement in the water while still maintaining sharpness in the other details. I liken this capture to a relaxing exhale after a tiring day.

Jamie Watkins is a freelance photographer and award-winning filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. Follow him on Instagram @jamie.watkins.