There aren’t many places I enjoy photographing more than Mount Desert Island during peak foliage season. After many years of exploring Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, last fall I decided to spend an entire day driving the perimeter of the island, stopping at each harbor along the way. While photographing Seal Harbor, I noticed a small island and thought it would help create a nice composition. To my surprise, the island had more to offer than its colorful trees and impressive rocky ledge. There was a small structure facing the ocean that looked like the perfect place to escape. I snapped a quick shot and moved on, thinking that this secret spot might offer a quiet retreat for locals during this busy time of year. While looking over the images, I realized how unique this location is and saw how the vast landscape behind the island helped bring the image together.

Drew Fortin is a photographer, commercial drone pilot, and real estate agent from Falmouth. His passion for capturing the landscapes, lifestyles, and homes along the Maine coast started when he was young and continues to grow with each adventure. Follow him on Instagram @drew_410.

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