Capture May 2021

Siobhan Kelley is junior at Deerfield Academy who lives on Great Diamond Island. You can follow her on Instagram @siobhan.kelley

On a particularly quiet evening, I boarded the 4:15 p.m. Casco Bay Lines ferry just as the sun was beginning to set and walked to the stern, where I always stand on my journey home to Great Diamond Island. As I looked out across the water, I noticed that the setting sun was reflecting off the ocean in a particularly magical way, and the lights on the side of the ferry terminal were enhancing the illumination, saturating the colors around me. I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket, peering around to find what I wanted to be my point of focus. In front of me sat the Bay Mist, and I decided that she would make the perfect muse. I snapped the photo, not expecting for it to capture a fraction of the beauty before me. Somehow it still reflects the feeling of that peaceful night, and a sense of calm in a world full of chaos.

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