Capture August 2022

On Memorial Day weekend, my family and I took the Casco Bay Line ferry to Great Diamond Island to stay for the holiday. While enjoying a beautiful dinner on the lawn of Diamond’s Edge Restaurant on the second night of our trip, I walked over to the marina to take in the evening sky. The dock was busy with guests and island staff boarding the ferry, heading back to Portland for the night. As I stood there, the sky started to glow while the sun set. The prettiest warm light fell over the cove, as the brightly colored yellow, white, and red ferry faded into the horizon.

Tiffany Mizzell lives in the Kennebunkport area with her family. Tiffany is a lifestyle portrait, landscape, and branding photographer. She loves capturing her family adventures and the landscapes of Maine, as well as sharing home renovations of their 1790s historical farmhouse. You can follow her on Instagram @tiffanymizzellphotography or view more of her work and blog on

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