Capture November/December 2021

Ever since my in-laws bought their dream camp on a lake in northern Maine two years ago, our winters have been filled with so much more activity. While the guys ice fish, the pups and I enjoy staying cozy inside the ice shack with a portable heater, blankets, and a thermos full of hot toddy. This photo was taken right before we strapped the ice shack to the snowmobile to glide it across the lake to the spot where it will stay all winter long. I shot a few pics of getting the ice shack ready while the dogs ran around, excited for a day of adventure on the lake. I know most people think of beautiful summer days on the ocean when they think of Maine, but winter can be just as beautiful if you’re willing to get out and try something new.

Taylor Watts-Hall lives in Freeport, works as an oncology social worker, and has a passion for photography, travel, and the outdoors. On the weekends she enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring with her husband and their rescue dog, Summit. You can follow her on Instagram at @taylormadeinmaine.

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