Donna Cassese | Government Relations Consultant for Sappi North America

For more than four decades, Donna Cassese has worked for Sappi North America, a global wood products company, and in 2008 she took over as managing director of the company’s Westbrook mill. Built in 1854, the mill now produces 40 percent of the world’s supply of release paper, which is used to produce coated fabrics and laminates for creating products such as car seats, handbags, and flooring. “This growth is based on our commitment to innovation and investment,” says Cassese, who now serves as Sappi’s Maine-based government relations consultant, a position that allows her to focus on the future of Maine’s paper industry. Cassese works with the FOR/Maine initiative to advocate for expanding Maine’s traditional forest products with new products made from wood, such as bioplastics, jet fuel, and chemicals. “I want to ensure that the forest industry continues to be a strong contributor to our economy,” she says. Cassese hopes the industry will continue to provide work opportunities for Maine’s high school graduates. “I have the privilege of working with and developing many young people in the industry,” she says. “Giving back to the forest industry, which has such a long legacy in Maine, is a privilege.”

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