Emma and Scot

Clark's Cove & Inn | Walpole

Emma and Scot

September 22, 2018
Clark’s Cove & Inn | Walpole

Photography by Heidi Kirn Photography

On a quiet night at Rockland’s In Good Company, Emma and Scot caught one another’s eye. The restaurant’s chef-owner, Melody Wolfertz, is close friends with Emma, and she knew Scot from his work in the wine industry. After noticing the pair’s encounter, Melody told Emma that she had “always liked that one,” referring to Scot.

“Without question, it was a sacred day. The unending support from friends and family made the day extraordinary. We had a double rainbow grace our evening (and no rain!), the most amazing sunset, and Emma’s oldest son surprised us with a spontaneous toast in song.”


The couple’s first years together were spent sharing mutual passions, such as favorite foods and wines, experiences in art and music, and delighting in time spent with Emma’s two sons. To celebrate their third anniversary, Emma and Scot made a reservation for the evening at the Captain Lindsey House in Rockland. They exchanged gifts, which happened to be identical wall clocks that they purchased from the same store, and love notes, which both alluded to wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. Afterward, the couple revisited In Good Company and shared a beautiful anniversary dinner. At the end of the meal, and much to Emma’s surprise, Scot got down on one knee and proposed. With a tearful and joyous look, Emma said, “Yes! Of course!”

“More than anything, we wanted our wedding day to illustrate the happiness and creativity we grew to cherish in our first years together.”


Mutual Passions

The Décor
The styling was envisioned by Emma from the beginning. While Scot and Emma both share a love for art, Emma’s career is in art direction and graphic design. For the big day, she imagined a ceremony and reception full of warmth, comfort, and boho-chic sophistication. The color palette came naturally, and Emma and Scot spent many afternoons at flea markets, curating the decor to include special details. These included one-of-a-kind antique napkins at each place setting, sentimental mirrors, rocking chairs, and a family-heirloom Hoosier cabinet that was whitewashed to serve as a coffee and tea station. Emma hand-painted all of the day-of signage, and antique frames for each sign were sourced by the couple.

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