For the Kitchen

Sponsored by Stonewall Kitchen

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or want to give something to an aspiring chef, these picks are always crowd-pleasers.

Jam Tree | $15

Three delicious jams, including a pear, cranberry, raspberry holiday mix, wild Maine blueberry, and raspberry peach champagne, come packaged in a white box featuring an original watercolor design.

Dessert Sauce Collection | $15

There’s no better way to finish off homemade creations than with this tasty dessert sauce duo.

Salsa Collection | $28

This collection of zesty dips makes a great addition to any holiday party.

Bloody Mary Collection | $40

Perfect for the brunch enthusiast, this festive gift contains a drink mixer, two premium cocktail garnishes, and a fun thematic tea towel.

Sampler Collection | $30

Perfect for pleasing all sorts of palates, this sampler contains mini-sized versions of six Stonewall Kitchen bestsellers.

Italian Dinner | $30

An ideal gift for pasta fans, penne rigate from Italy comes packaged with all the makings for a delicious meal.

Blueberry Breakfast | $40

Stonewall Kitchen’s bestselling jam and syrup, both brimming with tiny, hand-raked blueberries from Maine, pair perfectly with their classic pancake and waffle mix and a cheerful tea towel.