Greg Dufour | President and CEO of Camden National Bank + Camden National Corporation

Greg Dufour often asks himself how he can make a difference in someone’s life. “As the president and CEO of Camden National Bank, I aspire to bring that mindset to every element of our community efforts,” Dufour says. Having worked with Camden National for 18 years, he is experienced at managing his team as they protect the safety of their depositors’ money, maintain jobs across the state, and influence the bank’s communities by raising awareness about homelessness. “In Maine, we know there are often two degrees of separation between people,” Dufour says. “To me, that is the ultimate form of accountability.” In 2015 Dufour led the launch of Hope@Home, an ongoing program that donates $100 to a homeless shelter every time a customer finances a home purchase through the bank. Employees have also been highly involved in the mission of Hope@Home. Three years ago they collected Hope Kits, packages filled with toiletries and nonperishable food items to be donated to the shelters. In four years, Hope@Home has raised over $385,000. Each shelter determines the best way to use the funds—whether it’s purchasing food and clothing, doing building repairs, paying staff, or another necessity. Because of his leadership, last year Dufour was honored in the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame. “I’m most proud of the passion and purpose our employees bring to helping our communities,” Dufour says.

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