Island Life, Captured

Photographer Katie Johnson reflects on her hometown of Long Island, six miles off the coast in Casco Bay.

One thing I’m sure many people who have spent any time in a small, coastal Maine town can agree with is that these places provide a space to recharge and reflect. For me, this has always been Long Island. We call our island “home” not just because it’s where we live but also for the consistency of community, peace, solace, and support it offers. These are quiet images that reflect on the collective silence, calm, and stability that one feels in a small community. They are a part of a larger, ongoing portfolio of the island that is very close to my heart. The photos began as a visual explanation and connection to the place where I grew up. They continue to provide insight into our island life, documenting the relationships we have to our geography, history, and to one another.

William and a new fish.
Dudley on the ferry.
Grammy Dawn in her house.

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