Jean Hoffman | President of Q Street Advisors, LLC, Founder and Former Board Chair, President and CEO of Putney, Inc.

After a British firm bought Putney, Inc., the veterinary product company Jean Hoffman founded, for $200 million in 2016, Hoffman wanted to recognize the team that made Putney successful. She gave $14,000 to every employee who had worked at the company for at least six months. “Putney was my idea and strategy, but I didn’t build Putney alone,” Hoffman says. “I built a fantastic team, and it was the team, from our industry-leading regulatory experts to our groundbreaking R and D scientists to the persistent relationship builders on our commercial team, who overcame great obstacles to achieve Putney’s success.” Putney, twice named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States, was the second company Hoffman built from the ground up that was later sold. Newport Strategies, a provider of competitive intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry, was sold in 2004 to Thomson Reuters. She is now president of Q Street Advisors, a company she founded for investing in and providing board service to growing companies. “I enjoy building and I enjoy shaking things up,” Hoffman says. “I love giving people opportunities and helping them succeed.” The charity work of her family foundation focuses on supporting community, education, and culture, ensuring access to reproductive healthcare, and promoting the health of pets, the environment, and dialogue with China.

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