Jonathan King + Jim Scott | Founders of Stonewall Kitchen

Jonathan King and Jim Stott used to spend their weekends making condiments from herbs and produce gathered from the farmers’ market and their garden. “We never knew exactly what we were making since it depended on what ingredients were available,” says King. Twenty-eight years after King and Scott started selling those homemade condiments at farmers’ markets, Stonewall Kitchen is a specialty food titan—and today, they know exactly what goes into each product. The product labels, which still appear handwritten, are a nod to the company’s early years. Since King and Stott weren’t always sure of the ingredients when they first started making condiments, they wrote the labels once the recipes were finalized. The company’s York headquarters includes a production facility, cooking school, store, and cafe. “Maine conjures up feel-good emotions in our guests,” says King. But Maine conjures up feel-good emotions for King and Stott, too. Being able to give back to the local community is an integral part of King and Stott’s personal mission. They support charitable organizations in local communities that focus on food insecurity, children and families in crisis, community health and safety, animal welfare, and youth enrichment. Over the past ten years, King and Stott have donated more than $1.1 million in food and financial grant contributions to a number of community organizations. The company’s mission, which hasn’t changed since its inception, is to create the finest specialty foods ever, and in doing so, to never compromise on ingredients or recipes.

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