Kimberly and Shane

Hardy Farm | Fryeburg

Kimberly and Shane

December 8, 2019
Hardy Farm | Fryeburg

Photography by Haley O’Callaghan Photography

Kimberly and Shane met in Spanish class on their first day of junior year at Windham High School. Through a few school projects and a shared love of skipping track practice, they quickly became best friends. Months of friendship extended into years, and they began to prepare for their final year of college. Kimberly had plans to study abroad, and when she left, Shane had a revelation that she was all he had ever wanted. “After some aggressive flirting on his part,” Kimberly says, she gave him a chance.

“We wanted the entire weekend to feel like one long celebration, with families coming together to indulge in eggnog, holiday music, and too many Christmas cookies.”


On the days they skipped practice, Kimberly and Shane would escape into the woods behind their high school; a wooded trail along a river quickly became their favorite place. Almost a decade later, Shane knew this would be the perfect place to ask Kimberly to marry him. He spent months planning the perfect moment. On the nine-year anniversary of when the couple first met, Shane asked Kimberly to go on a walk on the trail. When they arrived, Kimberly was greeted by a magical scene, festooned with fairy lights and rose petals. Shane took her hand and led her over a bridge, where a photographer was waiting, ready to capture the moments that followed.

“We are still just two kids at hear who are made better because we found one another”


Magical Moments

The First Look
Originally, Kimberly and Shane had planned their first look at a Christmas tree farm, with a backdrop of the White Mountains. But when Kimberly and her bridesmaids arrived early, the site was under construction and trees were being cut down. They needed to improvise. “We decided to do what any Mainer does—strap on your boots, head into the forest, and see what happens,” says Kimberly. Shane waited in the woods outside of their lodge at Hardy Farm with his back to Kimberly and her bridesmaids. With the sun setting through the trees and everyone freezing their ankles in the snow, it was time for Shane to turn around. His beautiful bride was waiting with a new backdrop of their friends and family. When he did, “He completely lost it,” says Kimberly. “It was the happiest, most personal moment for us both.” Sharing it with their loved ones only sweetened the moment further.

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