Love Letters to Maine | Heather Printup

Dear Maine,

A Mainer is unique. You can tell by the way we talk, how we dress, our giving spirits, and our friendliness. But, when it comes right down to it, ask any Mainer, and we’ll all agree on one thing: our resiliency defines us.

We’ve overcome tough times before, but COVID-19 has presented new challenges. The important roles we each play in our communities have been affected. Now, more than ever, our determination and strength are being tested.

My 900 coworkers at Poland Spring are my extended family. Whether we’re donating bottled water, delivering food to local food pantries, or assisting our neighbors, we’re all stepping up. We are rallying together and supporting one another. This test may be physically separating us, but somehow it has brought us closer together.

Mainers on the front lines are meeting these new challenges every day. My husband is a fire rescue chief, and I especially admire him and all his fellow first responders. I’ve seen firsthand the sacrifices they’re making to help and support our neighbors during this unprecedented time.

I’m proud to call myself a lifelong Mainer who was born and raised in this great state. I’m proud of the members of my community. I’m proud of my husband’s role in protecting our citizens. I’m proud to raise our children here. And I’m proud to work for a company that gives back to our state and values the importance of putting others first. Together, we’ll weather this storm. Because we’re Mainers. And we’re resilient.

Printup is the community relations manager at Poland Spring.

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