Maine Live Videos


Tim Glidden | Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Tim Glidden, a self-proclaimed “free-range kid,” is now the president of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. In his Maine Live talk he discusses how his childhood led him to a career in conservation, how Maine’s environment is changing, and the … Continue reading

Spencer Albee | Musician

Spencer Albee is a Portland-based and nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, and audio producer for Love Maine Radio. In his Maine Live talk he discusses his non-traditional journey at York High School, the bumpy road through the music industry, and how … Continue reading

Roxi Suger

Listen in as Roxi Suger, fashion designer, and owner of Suger and Angelrox tells her story. Suger is the sweet home of Angelrox layered with a mix of discovered, craft & artisan gifts.  Roxi tells her story of what led her … Continue reading