Belted Cow

When we started Belted Cow Company in 2004, ribbon and motif belts had been a staple of casual fashion for decades, but the designs and materials had not improved much over the years. We started with a simple vision that a belt should be as unique as the person wearing it.

First, we invited Maine’s skilled artisans to try our belts as their canvases. We asked illustrators, potters and painters to be part of our team. The result was a fresh take on the familiar ribbon belt. Next, we partnered with local craftspeople, the descendants of those who developed Maine’s renown cut & sew industries, to improve the design and quality of our casual belt. Keeping it local allows us to closely monitor quality, quickly incorporate new ideas into our product line, and deliver finished goods in a timely way. We have continued to grow and strive to keep our design and manufacturing close to home.

Though we are a Maine company, the Belted Cow Company name comes from our college days in Vermont, where cows typically outnumbered people. One breed, the Belted Galloway, stood out. Also known as “Oreo cows” for their resemblance to the popular cookie, Belted Galloways are a hearty Scottish breed with a striking white belt around their middles. When you come upon them, you can’t help but do a double take.

Our goal is to create product designs with this same look-twice appeal and rugged quality. We will always offer products that let our customers stand out from the herd.


42 US Rte 1, Suite 2
Cumberland Foreside, Maine

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