Rugged Seas

Rugged Seas is as tough as the people who fish our oceans and live in our coastal communities. Their gear and apparel isn’t just for the fishermen who work year-round and through all kinds of weather to bring seafood to the table—it’s for all of us who love and respect the ocean and what it does for us. And for people who are interested in a new way to say to the fishing community “hey, we see you.”

Rugged Seas wants to shine a light on what the people who fish our waters do everyday. Fishermen throw their lives on the line each time they set foot on deck and set out to sea to bring fresh quality food to our tables. The company’s goal is to take something that represents every fishery—fishermen’s hauling pants (bibs)—and turn them into something recognizable, for everyone to utilize and enjoy.

A majority of their gear and apparel features recycled fishing bibs and jackets and no two of those items is ever exactly alike. Their T’s and other apparel feature their logo, a bold channel-marker graphic, or limited edition graphic for their yearly Gulf of Maine Fisherman hoodies and shirts.

Proceeds from every sale are donated to the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association and the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mint & Thistle