Sea Bags

Sea Bags are nautically inspired totes and accessories handcrafted from recycled sail cloth in Portland, Maine.

Our materials come from Maine first, New England second and USA third. We use one of the last remaining thread manufacturers in the U.S. and one of a few rope manufacturers in New England. We collect our sails one at a time through a network of passionate boaters who love our community waters as much as we do. Since 1999, we’ve saved over 700 tons of sails from the landfill.

At our workshop in Portland, Maine, our skilled craftspeople transform reclaimed sail cloth into nautically inspired tote bags, duffels, toiletry bags and more. Unique stitching and character marks remain with the sails as we hand cut them to give each piece of sail cloth a second life as a Sea Bag; each bag as rugged as they come and each one, a little different than the next.

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