Mary Dempsey

Mary Dempsey | Founding Member and Community Services Coordinator at the Dempsey Center

When Mary Dempsey’s mother, Amanda Dempsey, was first diagnosed with cancer, the Dempseys realized how much that diagnosis impacts the entire family. Mary Dempsey was part of a small team, including medical professionals at Central Maine Medical Center, that helped define what the Dempsey Center would be and develop its original mission. Today, as community services coordinator, she often works directly with cancer patients and families, providing front-line communication with clients who call or walk through the doors of the center. “What fills my cup every day is being able to give, support, and make a difference for people impacted by cancer,” she says. “It gives me joy to help others bring much-needed comfort to people dealing with a cancer diagnosis.” Dempsey works to keep her mother’s spirit alive at the center and to offer hope to those navigating a difficult journey. In recognition of her commitment to the community, she received an honorary doctor of public service degree from St. Joseph’s College on Mother’s Day 2015, a year after her mother passed away.

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