Eric Hopkins


“People often ask me what medium I use,” says artist Eric Hopkins. “Recently I’ve realized ideas are my main medium. I’m interested in ideas of art, science, history, air, space, light, flight, color, and action as I awake to the wonder of each new morning.” Hopkins, who has a studio in Rockland, lives on North Haven, where he grew up, and spent his early years exploring the island’s shores and woods. “North Haven is my personal Cape Canaveral—a place to launch from and return to—expressing the awe and wonder of the natural scenes I’ve seen.” His work often depicts where the land, ocean, and sky meet in stylized paintings or mixed media pieces, showing the movement and energy of nature. “There’s a very rich, pure, elemental energy and force at work here in Maine,” Hopkins says. “Flying over the coast and inland, it’s very obvious how connected everything is. Humans tend to isolate and separate everything. Land, water, sky, and their inhabitants are inseparable.” Hopkins graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School. His work has been exhibited at national galleries and Maine museums including the Farnsworth Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, and Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

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