Jean Maginnis | Founder of Maine Center for Creativity and Senior Director of Development at Saint Joseph’s College

Jean Maginnis founded the Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) to promote and guide partnerships between the arts and industry. “These sometimes unexpected partnerships support innovative approaches to economic and community development, which can be so important to Maine’s overall economic vitality and cultural vibrancy,” says Maginnis. Along Route 295 is her most visible project, Art All Around®, for which the nonprofit ran a competition and selected artist Jaime Gili to paint the oil tanks on the edge of the Portland harbor. The project is still underway, but six tanks are covered in abstract designs and are seen by over a quarter of a million people daily on their commute—something that was once an industrial sight has become a work of art. Maginnis with the MCC board of directors initiated the Maine Creative Industries Award, which recognizes individuals who show a successful result when art and business work together. Last year the event celebrated The Jackson Laboratory and Patrick Dempsey for his work at the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing. Maginnis is on the board of directors for the Maine Tourism Association. She is currently senior director of development at Saint Joseph’s College, where she hopes to help “young people and online students from around the world understand that Maine is a place where caring, creative, achieving people live, work, and play.”

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