Love Letters to Maine | Beth Greenlaw Shissler

Dear Maine,

I have never loved you more than I do today. Sure, I’ve tested the waters elsewhere—I’ve lived in six states and traveled to many countries—but you are home to me.

My great-great-grandparents came from Aroostook County, Isle au Haut, and Fairfield—all areas of enterprise from natural resources. Maine, you made my family who we are today. As my brother and sister and I raise our families here—seven generations— we are Mainers and could not be more proud.

While I love your natural abundance of gorgeous scenery, your diverse four seasons, and your clear, clean skies at night, I simply adore your people.

Maine: where the person next to you in the diner could be a lobsterman, a millionaire, or both, and you’d never know the difference.

Where you can start a business and have access to truly anyone in your state for help.

Where business collaborations are a form of helping each other out, and our partners become our friends.

Where nearby businesses are your true neighbors, looking out for one another.

Where the people in our neighborhoods shop local because they know that they are helping support many households in doing so.

Where recycling objects has always been a lifestyle. (We called them hand-me-downs growing up.)

Where you can launch a company centered around recycling sails and create hundreds of jobs in doing so.

This December ends a year when folks from everywhere were flocking to you, Maine. Not just because of your beauty, but because of your people. I’m honored to be among them, with a business that relies on your people to run it and our neighbors to support it. So that you, Maine, may claim it as your own. I’m full of hope and gratitude as we live this long life together.

Shissler is president and chief sustainability officer of Sea Bags.

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