Resin Relaxation

Sponsored by SeaWeed Co.

For those who like to stay in and chill out during the cold winter months.

100 mg Live Resin Hard Candy | $40

Small-batch hard candy using real ingredients such as root beer with flecks of vanilla bean or blackberry with mint. Both sativa- and indica-leaning strains are available.

90 mg Live Resin Pâte de Fruit | $45

Made with local Maine fruit in raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and now apple spice flavors. The taste of Maine, infused with your favorite cannabis strains.

90 mg Live Resin Espresso Bean Chocolate Bar | $45

This bar infuses SeaWeed Co.’s famous single-strain live resin into organic chocolate, which is then sprinkled with local Maine roasted espresso beans. Cannabis, chocolate, and caffeine for the holidays!

High Seas Live Resin Vape Cartridge | $60

SeaWeed Co.’s most coveted live resin goes into the all-ceramic High Seas cartridges, which come in a special slidetop tin with a strain sticker included so you can always identify your cart.

90 mg Live Resin Tincture | $45

Organic and vegan MCT (coconut oil) infused with live resin in unflavored, mint, mango, and blueberry varieties. This is a great way to dose your favorite drink, salad dressing, or to drop under your tongue.

SeaWeed Co. Beanie | $15

This super soft beanie will keep you feeling cozy while you enjoy some quality cannabis during the cold Maine winter.

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