The Maine Weekender, November 12—14

Photo: Peter Frank Edwards

How much do you pay attention to Maine news? Do you know what’s been going on with local politics, tourism, or lobstering? Let’s put that knowledge to the test. Do your best to answer these hard hitting news questions, and then scroll to the bottom to check your answers! Don’t cheat—we’ll definitely know.

  1. Last week, the city of Portland broke a once-in-a-lifetime tie for an at-large council seat through an unconventional method. What method was used? Extra Credit: what receptacle received a starring role in the proceedings?

  2. Which Maine town was recently listed as one of the “Top 10 fastest-growing destinations for Americans” (alongside London and Paris) by Tripadvisor?

  3. Last weekend, an extremely rare lobster was caught in Casco Bay. What was unique about it?

Looking for other ways to pass the time? Here’s our roundup for this weekend in Maine: 

Something to Do: 

Are you looking forward to spending a cozy evening in this weekend? What better way to entertain yourself while you (finally) watch Squid Games than voting for Maine’s Top Dog? We received over 500 entries to our dog photo contest of pooches from all over the state putting their best paws forward. From now until November 21, vote for your favorite dogs to push them to the top of the poll!

Somewhere to Go: 

Now’s the time to squeeze in late fall outdoor adventures before the weather turns and the snow starts to fly. This Sunday, head to the Cousins River Fields and Marsh Project in Yarmouth for Meet the Marsh! Proceeds from the collaborative event put on by Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Liquid Riot, the Royal River Conservation Trust, and the Freeport Conservation Trust will support the effort to preserve the 220-acre area. The event will include guided walks of the proposed preserve, a bonfire, and fall-inspired food and drinks. 

When: 2 to 5 p.m., Sunday 
Where: Intersection of East Main and Granite Streets, Yarmouth

Something to Eat:

The Maker’s Galley is hosting its grand opening in Portland this Saturday! Featuring products from Maine makers, artisans, and farmers, the space will serve as a mixture of a cafe, gift shop, and full-service chef’s kitchen. For the opening, executive chef Arianna Stefanilo (formerly of Blythe and Burrows and Novare Res) will be serving a menu of Maine-inspired tapas, including charcuterie boards, whipped feta, and warm olives. 

When: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday
Where: 5 Commercial St., Portland

Something to Read: 

Portland author Lily King’s first short story collection, Five Tuesdays in Winter, hit shelves this week! Known for her novels Lovers and Writers and Euphoria, King shifts to shorter form writing with the same underlying passion and loss that drive her characters forward. “In our time of anxiety and isolation, King writes stories to curl up in, by which I mean they afford us something rarely celebrated in literature: comfort,” writes Megan O’Grady for the New York Times.

Something to Look Forward to: 

Did you miss the wreath-making workshop featured in last week’s newsletter? Never fear. We’ve entered wreath-making season, and crafting opportunities abound. Next weekend, head to Ember in Portland for an ultra-chic wreath workshop, making one-of-a-kind decorations from aesthetically pleasing brass forms and various foraged greens and dried botanicals. 

When: 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, November 20 
Where: 5 South St., Portland 

Quiz Answers:

  1. Drawing lots. Extra Credit: a wooden bowl.
  2. Freeport
  3. Iridescent, or “cotton-candy” coloring

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