Shana Aldrich

STYLE-January + February 2010
Photograph by Shoshannah White

Name: Shana Aldrich
Age: 32
Location: Kennebunkport


What are you up to? Where are you off to? 
Skiing and the slopes

From here or from away? 
Away. I’m from San Francisco, California, but I’ve lived here most of my life.

Why do you live in Maine? 
I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

What do you do? 
I’m an innkeeper, a mom, and a designer.

How is business? 
Great, but challenging

Are you an authority/expert on any subject/skill? What?
Sewing, pattern making, knitting, textiles, Pilates, and making breakfast

The most fashionable thing you own is a… 
A $5 vintage sweater with an intarsia horse on the back that someone offered me $500 for on the street

What’s your footwear? 
Boots! I love boots, always have.

Do you grow/hunt any of your own food? 
Occasionally, I get to go lobstering and clamming.

Frequency at which you eat lobster? 
As much as possible

Winter is for… 
Relaxing, regrouping, and reconnecting

Where do you go to get away? 
The ocean

For a staycation? 

Who are you listening to? 
Pink Martini

Describe your style… 
I love to make things my own by altering them or adding something unexpected.

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