The Kennebunks

Almost everywhere you look in the Kennebunks there’s another Instagram-worthy scene: wide beaches bordered by wild roses, winding streets lined with classic New England homes, hand-painted signs pointing the way to galleries, shops, and restaurants. Separated by the tidal Kennebunk … Continue reading

Easy Summer Camp

“Would You Rather” is the game we’re playing with the people we just met. It’s the kind of thing you do around a campfire, and that’s where we are tonight, at Sandy Pines Campground near Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport. It’s … Continue reading

The Burleigh at the Kennebunkport Inn

In the late 1890s Burleigh S. Thompson built a Federal-style home on the Kennebunk River. One can easily imagine the pride this coffee and tea merchant felt in his grand home that boasted four open fireplaces, a library, and elegant, … Continue reading

Kennebunkport Festival 2017

Despite Monday evening being cool and damp, the atmosphere at On the Marsh Bistro was warm and welcoming for the kickoff of the Kennebunkport Festival. Named Gratitude, this cocktail party is a thank you to festival sponsors, hosts, and volunteers. … Continue reading

David’s KPT

One afternoon in early June of last year, during a quiet moment between Kennebunkport Festival events, I took myself out to lunch. I could have gone to any of the fine choices in town, but I knew where I wanted … Continue reading

Special Surfers

We can feel the buzz of excitement before we see the surf. Despite the light drizzle, dozens of cars line Beach Avenue in Kennebunk. Volunteers in bright shirts mill about on the sidewalk, directing people to the pop-up tents and registration tables nearby. Down in the  gently … Continue reading

Ports of Italy | Germán Lucarelli | Eat Maine | Maine Magazine

Ports of Italy

Before my visit to Ports of Italy, I had met chef and co-owner Germán Lucarelli at several events. I tasted his excellent focaccia at the Kennebunkport Festival. I savored his mushroom and truffle risotto at Harvest on the Harbor’s Chef … Continue reading