Ice Cream

A-LIST-July 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photographs by Jonathan Laurence


01 Tubby’s Ice Cream
I would recommend enjoying your Frozen Frenzy with snickers and heath bar in an Adirondack chair beside the Old Mill Pond, while listening to Kenny Loggins on your iPod. That would make for a very smooth and creamy afternoon.
176 Main St. | Wayne | 207. 686.8181

02 Toots
There’s nothing better than enjoying a Needham ice-cream cone in the company of several cows (and cow aromas), while staring blankly into the distance and pondering where ice cream comes from. I will also tell you that the nice folks at Toots would prefer that you not pet the cows.
137 Walnut Hill Rd. | North Yarmouth | 207. 829.3723

03 Willard Scoops 
The salted-caramel ice cream is so good here that I “may” or “may not” have licked some off of my steering wheel after I had a small “accident” while driving. I thought I was up to the challenge of balancing three scoops on a small sugar cone, but apparently my training is not yet complete.
427 Preble St. | South Portland

04 Brown’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream 
Provided you don’t get lost and end up in York’s Wild Kingdom like I did, you’re in for some pretty delicious ice cream complemented by stunning water views.  After having an enormous frappe, it is important to remember to wait thirty minutes before going in the water or playing beach volleyball.
232 Nubble Rd. | York | 207. 363.1277

05 John’s Ice Cream Factory 
The primary complaint among devotees here is that whenever they get addicted to one particular flavor, it is replaced by something else equally delicious. Yeah, it’s a bit of a hike, but I think you’ll be glad
you made the journey.
510 Belfast Augusta Rd. | Liberty | 207. 589.3700

06 Gifford’s
Wondering what my childhood would have been like without enormous amounts of “Giffids” makes me sad. It also makes me think that maybe I could have been a professional athlete and had higher self-esteem during grade school. Enough nostalgia already—bring on the jimmies!
948 Forest Ave. | Portland | 207.797.7077


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