Our Insider’s Guide to Summer in Portland

Maine’s biggest city comes alive in the summer, with no shortage of events to attend, restaurants to visit, and sights to see. This insider’s guide will help you get the most out of your time in Portland—whether it’s just for

Can’t-Miss Events in Portland Summer 2019

JUNE 9 Old Port Festival | Old Port Make it a point to be in Portland for the 46th annual—and final—Old Port Festival. This longtime community staple is family-friendly, filled with live music, art, and entertainment, and celebrates the heart

Drifters Wife

Building on their combined experience, knowledge, and intuition, Peter and Orenda Hale and chef Ben Jackson create a deeply personal yet broadly loved Portland restaurant.

Oyster Bars

With oyster farms dotting the coastline and rivers, Maine is an oyster lover’s heaven. To enjoy the bounty, turn to these oyster hubs for everything from an island retreat to a full raw-bar experience to a new happy hour.

Rock Garden Play in Casco Bay

Splashing out with local sea kayakers, including ocean educator and adventurer Tom Bergh, founder of Maine Island Kayak Company

Scenic Boat Tours

Whether salty or fresh, Maine’s waters offer breathtaking views and intriguing wildlife. Grab your camera and follow our guide for the best ways to see life on the water around the state.


History, culture, and a wealth of restaurants make Maine's largest city a hot ticket


In the middle of winter, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and fresh baked goods. With an array of talented bakers using local ingredients, Maine’s bakeries offer treats that will satisfy any craving.