Marshall Wharf

DRINK-September 2011

By Tyler Boucher
Illustration by Eric Hou

David Carlson, Marshall Wharf Brewing Co.

What’s on tap for the fall?
“Our biggest event of the year is our MARSHALL WHARF BEER AND PEMAQUID MUSSEL FESTIVAL, which takes place the Saturday after Columbus Day weekend. Last year we had 26 of our beers and mussels cooked four different ways. We’ll save kegs from special beers we make throughout the year to be ready for the event.”

What’s your favorite Marshall Wharf beer?
“I think it’s probably 3-WAY, which I only tasted once. It went to Novare Res for the Beer Geek’s Christmas event. It was a blend of Sexy Chaos, our Russian imperial stout, with bourbon barrel-aged Cant Dog, and we added in some of our two-year-old barley wine, T2-R9.”

What are your recommendations from breweries around the state?
“I’m a huge fan of  ALLAGASH. They really hit the nail on the head across the board. There are lots of great little breweries in Maine: RISING TIDE, MAINE BEER COMPANY…I just tried their Lunch IPA recently. Doing special beers is great—it really builds the anticipation for the next one. Another one I really like is SEBAGO’S Full Throttle Double IPA.”

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