Arata is much more than a seasonal restaurant. It’s chef and entrepreneur Matthew Kenney’s incubator, a place to create and test concepts for other venues. Housed in a flatiron building known as the Gothic, Arata evolved from the restaurant of … Continue reading

Belfast + Lincolnville

I have the most excellent 48HRS partner road- tripping with me, one of my best friends— developer, hotelier, and restaurateur Tim Harrington. We both love discovery, good food and drink, art, shopping, and Maine towns. Belfast and Lincolnville, here we … Continue reading

Capture: Belfast

I took this photograph at my house in Belfast. Living by the water is new to me and I can’t help but be a little blown away by the stunning views that each season presents. I try to keep a … Continue reading

Belfast + Lincolnville

June 2015 by Mattie McQuinn Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff   On this 48HRS adventure, I am visiting two midcoast communities that I travel to every Wednesday. I am grateful to have a community of friends and clients … Continue reading

Bowling Alleys

Choose a ball, step up to the line, gaze at the pins down the lane, and send the ball rolling. What you hear next—either the crashing of numerous pins against the wood floor or perhaps the clunk from a ball … Continue reading