December 2016

Sue Roche | Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project

“Humanity, resilience, progress. Intrusion, fear, threat. What do you see when you hear these words? Do you see an immigrant?” Listen as Sue Roche, executive director of Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), talks about her legal work with Maine’s immigrant … Continue reading

Fortunat Mueller | ReVision Energy

“Capitalism is dead. The unrelenting pursuit of profit above all else has destroyed our communities, left millions of people without opportunity or hope, and is poisoning the planet.” Listen as Fortunat Mueller discusses stakeholder capitalism, corporate social responsibility, and how … Continue reading

Ski Instructors

Skiing and snowboarding may be lifelong passions, but everyone has to start somewhere. At Sugarloaf, a variety of instruction is available, including half-day and full-day programs for kids ages three to 14 and lessons for adults.

Cliff House

Lean in a little closer. I want to give you a wonderful tip to help you through the Maine winter. Cliff House, recently renovated from top to bottom, is fantastic in the cold. I hesitate to use the hospitality label … Continue reading

Easy Day

Chris Tyll, the owner of Easy Day in South Portland is a retired Navy SEAL, and that experience shows up in almost everything he does. He runs the bowling alley, restaurant, and events space with precision, excellent planning, and a … Continue reading

Slope-Side Living

After years of taking day trips to Sugarloaf, the Fournier family builds a home on the mountain.