December 2016

Roxi Suger

Listen in as Roxi Suger, fashion designer, and owner of Suger and Angelrox tells her story. Suger is the sweet home of Angelrox layered with a mix of discovered, craft & artisan gifts.  Roxi tells her story of what led her … Continue reading

Shawn Moody | Moody’s Collision Center

Listen as Shawn Moody of Moody’s Collision Centers explains to use what he believes to be the three cornerstones that lead to a successful and fulfilling life: working with your hands, your mind and your heart.

Julia Clukey | Olympic Luger

“When I look back on my 19-year career there are three things that come to mind that I think can relate to everyone in this room: role models, inspiration, and courage.” Listen as Olympic luger Julia Clukey shares how she … Continue reading

Owl and Elm | Yarmouth | Eat Maine | Maine Magazine

Owl & Elm

Not long after I wrote an October 2016 Maine magazine story about the dining scene in Yarmouth, the town welcomed another restaurant into the fold. Owl and Elm opened in September in the heart of the village, right next to … Continue reading

Brian Beaudette | Architect

“I’ve become very good at drawing out their inner voices as it relates to their project. My reconnection with my inner voice has been the greatest reward in coming out.” Architect Brian Beaudette shares his touching story of finding his … Continue reading

Pious Ali | Portland City Councilor

Pious Ali made history in 2013 when he was elected to the Portland school board, becoming the first African-born Muslim to hold public office in Portland. As a member of the Portland City Council and a youth and community engagement … Continue reading

Julia Sleeper | Tree Street Youth

“Vulnerability is willing to run a risk and trusting the people around you to respond the way you’d want them to.” Listen as Maine Live speaker Julia Sleeper of Tree Street Youth talks about her work with youth in Lewiston-Auburn, … Continue reading

Margo Walsh | Maine Works

“I can’t believe that my conviction five years ago about being a private company that would open the doors to convicted felons and people in substance abuse recovery would actually end up resonating nationally. Because why not? Everybody hurts. Everybody … Continue reading