January 2018

Women in Training

The Female Advantage

Home-Grown Ingredients

Walkers Maine will open in just a few months. It’s real, it’s happening, and it’s ours.

Rites of Passage

Sex therapist Jennifer Wiessner is on a mission to educate a generation of Maine families about how to have conversations about sexual well-being, permission, and pleasure.

Envisioning Another World

More than 300 High-school girls across Maine are being encouraged to visualize their greatest potential through the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

A Cut Above

Wallace James, a woman-founded start-up, seeks to bring the apparel industry back to Maine, one carefully sewn garment at a time.

Connector & Champion

Investor Sandra Stone advances opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Such Great Heights

Meet the Katahdin Wings, an all-female group of pilots looking to increase women’s access to careers in aviation.

Building Bridges

Educator and activist Ekhlas Ahmed teaches her students to live and learn unapologetically.

The English Meadows Supper Club

Like all good dinner parties, this one starts in the kitchen. Innkeeper Kate Parisi is seated at the island while chef Cecelia Bye brushes melted butter on goat cheese tartlets decorated with thin slices of turnip to look like lotus … Continue reading